St Hilda’s Fundraising

“Giving is not just about making a donation.
It is about making a difference.”
Join St Hilda’s fundraising campaign.

Your gift is an investment in the future of St Hilda’s.

In 1896 St Hilda’s was founded by two Sisters from Whitby as a venture of faith. For 125 years, the school has educated, guided and inspired generations of students to be the best they can be. St Hilda’s graduates go out into the world ready to make a difference.

The St Hilda’s tradition is one of ambition, always looking to the future. To fully equip our students for an ever-changing world, we cannot rely on the past.

Our vision for the school is to provide the facilities to match our outstanding teaching and learning programmes, and to ensure that future generations of St Hilda’s students can experience a quality education.

We need your help to make this happen. Your generosity will make a difference.

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